Nathalie Dujmovic

200002 China
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“Growing up in Shanghai and being surrounded by over the top advertising and the glitz of Hollywood instilled a love of illusion. A desire to explore the psychological experience of living in a society so bombarded with visual noise and simulated environments. My installations and paintings interlace, overlap and converge upon themselves in much the same manner of existing in multiple environments at once. I use the fluidity of paint and the brush stroke as a narrative tool to recreate the psychological compression of stimuli found in our society

I am moved by the desire to create simulated environments in which the observer can psychologically step within, creating an experience that engages the viewer on a deeper level. Moving away from the rigid boundaries of painting distinct with the edge of canvas, I’m creating a fluid existence that allows my art to melt into, embed, connect and disconnect, through the aspiration to fully engage a wall- essentially, becoming part of the space. My paintings and installations exist in the psychological space between object and life, reality and illusion.”

My first major commission took me to China , where I créated special painting effects on exhibition in HONG KONG , I agrées that working in FRANCE is very different to working in HONG KONG
but I contest the view that her current home is simply devoted to business and lacks culture
HONG KONG , SHANGHAI is somewhère that people are really looking for créativity , they really need someone to créate like I do to give them an alternative view of life
I think HONG KONG and ShangHai is ready for this, and will réact favourably

Now lives and works in Nice and ShangHai

My work included designing furniture , murals , créating mosaic and making sculptures.Moving to Palawan ( Philippines ) in 1995 Nathalie continued her work in interior design : with schèmes interior of cottage. Mrs Dujmovic Nathalie is now concentrating both on her interior design business in Asia


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