Structura di hendrick of braiseworth number 013
Structura di hendrick of braiseworth number 013
Original drawing

size: 100 x 80 cm

- 6825.00€ Disponible -

Mixed Media

Hendrick Braiseworth

D-49835 Wietmarschen-Lohne - Germany

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Hendrick’s Art Statement
Art is a drug dear people and creating art, drawings and paintings, sculptures and digital or computer art is my ultimate catharsis. It is my way of purging and cleansing my mind. It is my ……… “Rite of purification”. It is how I get the crap out of my head ……. its how I stay sane in this insane thing that is called reality. It’s like a drug that I am brilliantly addicted to. So addicted have I become, that my body chemistry has changed, acclimatised itself to the drug, ART. Without this drug I go into withdrawal. I begin to wither and die. I become stupid and foolish and pathetic. My specialness is gone. I begin to change into this thing that is worthless and not deserving of existence. In other words, my art defines me, without it, and the constant creating of it; I am nothing, less than nothing.


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