expressionisme abstrait

huile sur toile et chassis

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Salvador Moreno

route de l'Arche 12
1880 Bex - Switzerland

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A painting that he called expressionism free psychic and staff.
Man deeply human and introverted, a tireless researcher of a truth that knows him as a symbiosis of personnel and collective lives with and for his art as a vocation liberating in a society too narrowly and that rechasse but materialized at the same time requires.
Self-taught, his concern for new forms of expression made him travel to France, Holland and Switzerland, where he was able to get in touch with the cutting edge of communication plastic. Without hesitation, his painting is not eclectic but personal.
His desire to free expression leads to a profound and constant investigation of his subconscious, we are demonstrating how a painting that comes from inside, inside, but apparently anarchic restraint with a structure rationnelle.L imagination flies him free, without censorship and mental condition that impairs his wishes honest and sincere communication, a communication that is the origin in its desire for peace inside, transparency, starting point for an authentic personal relationship and did not find the best creation of a more spiritual and the future holds promise. lines and shapes treated conceptually mark the process of reflection and intellectual of a painting, in its internal, imaginative and creative fundamentally, who said the keys with a message progressive.
As one thinker “If a child shows his finger with the moon, the idiot looks at the finger” Let’s look to the future that we desire to communicate


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