La Dormeuse #01
La Dormeuse #01
Acrylique sur toile - 100 x 100 cm - 2007


Romain Soussan

Paris - France
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I am a young French artist and I would like very much to introduce you my work. I am especially interested in portraitures with a particular work on colours. Indeed, in most of my paintings, there is a gradation of grey shades brighten up by a colourful stroke.

My artistic process consists in combining elements of different persons’ faces in order to create a new being, unique in its genre. Through these “rencontres d’un troisième type, ” during which the viewer is in direct contact with these hybrid and mutant entities, I intend to make reference to two current social issues that I consider fundamental: genetic manipulation and the intermingling of populations.

Does genetic manipulation, make sense or does it reflect our refusal of our own faults and our own diversity? Is perfection synonymous with homogeneity or diversity? My paintings seek to create an imaginary world, in which the viewer is put in front of this very problem. My compositions are hypothetic and ad infinitum multipliable solutions. Could the intermingling of populations or the mix of phenotypes become tomorrow’s world blueprint?


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