woman under the sun

acrylic on canvas 70 X 90 cm

- 300€ Available -


Fabrice Daluseau

43220 RIOTORD - France

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HI , Fabrice, do you paint for a long time ?
Oh, man, my first painting was done in the 70’ …..
How did you know that you was an artist ?
A teacher, when J was sixteen. I was the worse of my class : the teacher told me :
At the beginning of everything, there is a draw / your eye must be enjoy / never paint with a pure colour
It was done !!, after I went to a school of classical drawing
you started a carreer ?
Not at all …. I knew artists, but we were in “money years”, so I did business, without forget my paintbrushes ….
And ?
The life : a day, you’re tired of your life too square and you change ….

And ?
58 years old, a tiny village in “haute loire” ( near Lyon), painting & painting
Are you happy and quiet ?
Yes, man ………. What do you want to drink ? jack with ice ?


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