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Elena Maliesh

60500 CHANTILLY - France
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Born in the extreme north of Norway where she spent part of her childhood, her origins and her career made her to be an unquestionably international artist who has traveled the entire world, source of inexhaustible inspiration for her fertile and even wild imagination..

Graduated in the Art College of Moscow (formerly Stroganov School) and in the Design and Painting Academy of Madrid, she moved to China to go deeply into the study of the techniques of painting on silk (batik) and into the Fen Shui philosophy. Then she worked for a few years in Moscow as a decorator, particularly decorating professional offices and private homes before moving to Italy, where she first took part in the restoration of some frescos of Pompeii and later on she organized painter-artist exhibitions for the Lucas Art Gallery : Besides selecting the artists, she personally realized a temporary and original decoration of the place where the paintings are exhibited in order to highlight their works.

In 2006 she moved to France where she carries out a triple activity: on the one hand she makes and exhibits her paintings, expressing on silk the shapes and colors of her abounding imagination with sometimes a surrealistic strain..

On the other hand, she imagines and manufactures furniture and decoration objects of great originality, painted by her or by using mosaic. These unique pieces, mostly made-to-order, are sold today around the world.

She finally exerts her talents as decorator and painter of mural frescos for private or professional clients anywhere: restaurants, hotels, bars, discotheques, shops, offices, private homes, etc.
She performs nowadays between Paris and Barcelona … but sometimes in the other end of the world.


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