Qui est-elle ? Je ne le sais pas encore…

Technique mixte et acrylique sur toile. 20M – 73x50

- 600€ Available -


virginie roussel

22470 France
Côtes D’Armor

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My name is Virginie Roussel, I am an artist plastic painter. To present myself, I would say that I am from Britanny by “adoption” and my present work is shared between photography (the landscapes which surround me are of such a beauty!) and painting. I use different medias and worked on other supports like video. I made a film or rather a slide show-film called F.L.F which sometimes draws a parallel between my personal way of life and that of Women. A glance on a condition which is, in some countries, a non-condition!
Today, when I paint, I try to work the feminine body in colour with atypical framings often inspired by the photographic picture framing because I like cutting bodies and making moved closer plans.
I also work on the motives, the texture and the material by introducing other materials than paint: for example some paper or some sand.
If I paint mostly women It’s at first because the subject pleases me but also because I think that the woman’s body , nowadays as well as in the past, was mostly painted by men. Therefore it seems to me interesting, as a woman, to intrude upon a traditionally restricted male subject.
As for the titles, they are not chosen at random because they send back to my cultural universe …


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