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Myriam Rioual

85610 la bernardiere - France

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Been born on April 23rd, 1973 in Caen in the Calvados, it is in Cherbourg the second city of my childhood that I discovered this art which became mine.
During my various journeys and experiences,
I polished up my said technique of ” the furniture polish ”.
And I continue to learn every day to master it more.
One moment of obliged solitude, an operated kneecap, a conflict with my father
who had faded of my life during some months.
I then felt the need to entrust to my canvases and my colours, all this punishment which I felt in front of the absence of my confidant.
It is with my painting that I was able to communicate and to express my evil to be and when we became reconciled, I was able to share my work with him.
He considered in it following, without flattery nobody he said to me that I had a gift.
Did not believe it; I said myself: ” a gift?
No everybody can make him
But he was right for a thing
it is because nobody can reproduce my work because it is “ME” my identity, my character, my personality.
Nobody can copy it this art, with its part of fate which by way of real unique works.
For me as for any artist, works are well the reflections of our personality, of our ME precisely.
And then very quickly, others, many, encouraged me to expose then why not!
The technique which is mine, and the tools which I chose to use being not very common, I could draw the attention of people who not being versed in art found themselves inspired by my fabrics
My work comes straight of my spirit without the calculation nor formation, of major the my being. I like to play of the colors and the forms;
this is why I liked this technique of continuation.
It has many advantages, allowing easy final improvements,
an excellent stability of the colors and a great strength to moisture.
I am mom since February 4, 2004 of a fore-mentioned little boy “ROMAIN”;
it is of him that all my inspiration comes today.
I remember when it was put upright all alone, yes, I cried about it and the evening even, I composed the fabric which I named Romain.
This table is for me the symbol of the hope of a better world or better;
of a possible better world!
I used the green color much because it represents for me the hope, happiness. The more I advanced in my fabric and the more
I dreamed of a world without pollution nor cataclysm, of the rivers of fairy tales or one is sure to be able to bathe there without being sick;
of a beautiful history on the life that I could tell in Romain, with the insurance that each moment of the perhaps marvellous life if one can give self without never anything to wait in return. His joys, his tears, his angers and mine, I pose them on the fabric and like it dœs not have yet the age all to include/understand, I started to tell him beautiful stories with imaginary and magic worlds of the colors blazing for later when it is a little larger.
Romain is my angel, the angel of my life and it is with him that I find my inspiration of today.
Thus, and as to buckle the loop, I offer to the ones and with the other my vision of this better world …… , We give them Artistes, opportunity with people who cannot dream the chance any more to again be able to do it. Let us offer our love without anything to ask in return! What exists T there of more beautiful in the life than the moment when the conscious one leaves room to imagination and the dream! We have all need to believe in one day better; as for me the birth of my son was the most beautiful gift of the life


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