Les bactéries Gonocoque
Les bactéries Gonocoque
peinture à l’huile sur toile


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Leila Ameddah

Boite postale Nr:469 an nasr
05000 Batna - Algeria

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- Profession: DENTAL SURGEON -Currently, lives and works in Batna. Artist plastician autodidact

The first exposures took place during its years of studies (1983 _ - 1989), then the artistic events national and international were connected according to the chronological order growing according to: Individual 1984-exposure to the university of Batna. Individual 1986-exposure to the university of Constantine. 1987-exposure duet with its s?ur the engineer; Hafssa (miniaturist) with Constantine. 2002- 1st national Living room of the visual arts with Batna under the topic “colors of Aurès”. 2002- 7th national Living room of the visual arts with Guelma. 2003-L’ Year of Algeria in France, Leila takes part with 7 artists of Batna in the workshop-Gallery Karim Meziani /Nice Galerie Nithael/Nice. Lille and Lyon 2004-Exposure collective “colors of the east” to the room Med Issiakhem in Constantine. 2004-living room of the Visual arts of the east to the Gallery mohamed Racim, Algiers. 2005-exposure to Hôtel El Aourassi, in Algiers (world Day of the woman national 2005-Exposure to the gallery Med Racim, in Algiers (homage to the late artist Baited Haddad). 2005-living room of the visual arts to the palate of the culture in Algiers national 2005-Exposure to the Temmam gallery, in Algiers (homage to the late artist, Ismail Samssoum. Collective 2005-exposure to Sétif (ear festival). 2006-seventh living room of the visual arts, with the palate of the culture of Annaba. 2006- international Festival of Timgad Exposition duet. Individual 2006-exposure to Jijel parallel to the scientific symposium Algéro-French of pharmacology on the Stress. 2006-second national living room of the visual arts in Biskra. 2007- national Exposure to the gallery Mandelevium Racim - Algiers -, at the time of the world Day of the woman national 2007-Exposure to Cherchell. National 2007-living room of the creative woman, in Sétif. 2007 it cultural week of Algeria, in Saudi Arabia. 2007-living room of the visual arts and the sculpture whose slogan is: (the beauty of my city) in Sétif. Cultural 2007-week of Batna in Algiers, at the time of capital Algeria of the Arab culture. 2007- Exposure to the gallery “Thevest” of Mrs. Khelifi, to kouba- Algiers-2007-Exposure of the visual arts to the Faculty of Medicine to Canstantine parallel to a seminar medical Algéro-French, under the topic (Hèmophilie).

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