Urban Entre-jambes
Urban Entre-jambes
Dans une des rues les plus bruyantes et les plus polluées de Tel Aviv, la géometrie urbaine dévoile son esthétique en fin d’apres midi…


Laurent Lagarde

65224 TEL AVIV - Israel
Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv from life

Unsoundable and fleeing, the image of this town in mutation is caught from life by Laurent Lagarde . The French photographer, settled in Tel Aviv, succeed in finding a delicate pœtry, quite surprising facing to the image we get from Tel Aviv during those last ten years. We are expecting tanks, bullets and missiles holes; but in Tel Aviv there is something else to look at: the reverse of war decorum. Through the media, one expects the worse, as on TV news, but, another life exists, more authentic, far from sensational events.

On the fringe of news from the media, pictures of Laurent Lagarde are fresh impressions of a still alive town. Colours are testifying this as well as busy passers-by. His views seem to be taken from an observatory half buried in the ground. Crouching under a grove, ready to snipe with his camera, the artist picks up what is happening above him: buses passing, buildings roofs, and trees leaves through a simple reflection in a pound. The distance from the subject works like a driving mirror. One asks what tomorrow will be made of when looking at the past.

The series «  Pounds  » make you see the world upside down, the seamy side of life; is this reflection an illusion or reality?

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