“Orlando” is a novel that is located on the fringes of the literary evolution of V. Woolf. It’s not, as in “Mrs. Dalloway”, “The Waves” or “To the Lighthouse” to describe the extreme transient and con

(Head of Pre-1930 doll, resin doll, old clock parts from old clocks and gears, polyester resin, wire, acrylic patina.) 2009

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Mixed Media

Jeylina Ever

24210 Ajat - France

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I situate my work in a post-apocalyptic world where all would be to rediscover, explore, understand, I called my art “trash-romantic”. I use only salvage. Mainly dolls old pre-1930 that refer to toys found after the bombing, explosions, crashes or natural disasters.The man has disappeared, the object has survived. I associates of insects, plant seeds and / or mechanisms of clocks used symbols of work, arduous, time passes, irreversibility. I recycle every scrap of my own in the next work or waking up in small reconstructed imaginary worlds. All my work is an evolving entity and intended to be transformed by the dispersion of the objects that compose it, by the time the bacteria.I’m transsexual, I faced the same problems of identity, with the whole of this job I am trying to reach the soul of the viewer, it forced him to question himself, restoring it to its own ambiguity, identity, philosophical and moral, because it belongs to a humanity capable of the best and the worst player he is. So the victim, offender or accomplice?


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