Mono Omou Koi
Mono Omou Koi
The framed portrait is after Kitagawa Utamaro (1754-1806)
Mono omou koi (Reflective love), from the series Kasen koi no bu (Anthology of poems: The love section)

Oil on canvas 48 x 40

- 1500€ Available -


Jean-Pierre André Leclercq

137 allée Nicolas Mignard
84810 AUBIGNAN - France

04 90 28 88 79
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I’m a traditionnal painter.
All my work are made only with pencils, pastels, brushes or some paint.

My current approach is an expression in the mind of realism but with the integration of romantic or symbolist elements.

My purpose is at first to create some positive emotion, to begin with mine.

Above all, I stage human beings with a preference for the femininity, often sublimated by the nudity.


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