Force & Abandon
Force & Abandon

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Gérald Hach

rue des Contamines 19
1206 Genève - Switzerland

+41(0)79 708 37 25
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He comes from Vienna and was born in Geneva in 1965. He discovers the sculpture in 1995 and starts expressing his talent through clay works.
In 2004, he first used the bronze and this way, he extends his creative expression.

By having a strong sense of loneliness, he makes his inspiration come out. A first, it is an intense emotion, a plain feeling, then suddenly, it was an image which appeared and was essential as model of this work, “From then on, it was as if the sculpture had taken shape.” Gérald Hach says.

Alone, in his house in Haute-Savoie, an seventeen-century-old visitandine convent, that he restored by himself, he calls out this construtive loneliness. Anyway, as he says it so well, from 1997 to 2001, he spent the better part of his time to “sculpt” his house. And, he made of it a stone and wood real masterpiece, in the image of his talent.


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