Crin blanc
Crin blanc
huile sur toile

16 X 22 cm

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Claire Frelon

56410 ETEL - France
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An aunt painter, a passion for Michelangelo and the masters of Quatrocento, courses in art history in Paris, a trip to Italy, including Florence, one in Egypt, two in China, a difficult period through, courses in painting, and here I am with my brushes in hand.

My dream, my ambition is to testify on the support takes that life and its surprises are left in my head.

After several collective exhibitions, the Rendez-vous des Peintres in Auray, Le Gorvello or Le Bono (in Morbihan) and encounters with Breton and other artists like Jacques Courtois or Gérard Deimat I throw my paintings on the web (here or “The F. Claire is“) in anticipation of other meetings, other surprises that will leave other bits.

F. Claire


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