Sidobre 4-2006
Sidobre 4-2006

Tirage photo 35x26 cm-laminage sur bois 10m/m anti reflet et anti UV-limité à 12 exemplaires

- 200€ Available -

Mixed Media

Christian Berbie

31100 Toulouse - France

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Christian Berbié, a professional gardener and self-taught artist began painting in 1992. He started exhibiting his works in the Toulouse region in 1996. He then followed a course about leading workshops in drawing and painting in 1998 Christian Berbié has since used this knowledge to run art workshops for different organisations.
In 2004, he graduated with a degree in visual arts. This enabled him to target a new concept of painting-sculpture in landscape. These particular works, which were started in 2002, were put on exhibition for the first time this year in Belgium (Espace Art Gallery 1st-30th october and 5th-22nd november) and in Paris (Salon Art Shopping 25th-26th november).
Christian Berbié gets his inspiration for painting and sculpture from walking in nature. Through minimal intervention, he aims to « reveal » the place concerned rather than change it. The artist uses pigment, yellow ochre and paper as visual tools, in the same way as Daniel Buren uses black and white bands to produce a poetic image of the world. This procedure finds its origin in the history of European Land Art while also being influenced in part by artists such as Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy. It involves gaining experience of the world by walking. This practice originated in the eighteenth century when young aristocrats used to go on a cultural tour of Europe.
Photography, when exposed serves as a memory in order to keeps a trace of an act or an experience. Due to the fact that works disappear, it becomes the place from which the invisible emerges.
Christian Berbié describes himself as a sojourning painter-sculptor.


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