The inner silence
The inner silence
Acrylique sur bois

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Brigitte Barberane

14, Rue du Dr Magne
34140 MÈZE - France

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Brigitte BARBERANE is painter and illustrator artist (« Les Portes de l’Intuition », « Rêve de Femmes », « Tsu Pâ NaYa Wa Mâ » …).. She lives and works in Meze *, on the edge of the Thau lagoon. It is a contemplative convinced of the beauty of the world, and inscribed in his work a universal symbolic dimension where the marvelous has its share. His painting is decidedly positive and everything that contributes to the sense enriches her creations: the sentiments, the possible world and the world of the dreams … the light and a hope … the aspirations and the beliefs … the doors and the paths …

* 14, rue du dr Magne 34140 MÈZE


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