Jean Paul Delaitte  - France la roque ste marguerite
Olivier Dewolfs Wolf  - Belgium
Marblo Marblo  - Spain La Nucia-(Alicante)
Sus jinetes llegan de lejos, pasean entre el figurativo y el abstracto, con cierta sabor aapocaliptico, 0 defiendendo un mito, pintura…
Andre Gauthier  - Canada MONTREAL
In my works, I am trying, through a variety of technical means, to show the sensuality of human forms and to reveal the eroticism and…
Bernadette Buggia  - France ECHIROLLES
Bernadette BUGGIA After studies in the Fine Arts School of Grenoble, then in the Academy of creation and…
Saad Sali  - Canada montreal
Nicole Pessin  - France Saint-Laurent-du-Pont
I am a plastic painter and I live in the region of Grenoble. I work a lot on the human body: heads without bodies, bodies without heads,…
Gianni Gamba  - Canada
Gianni Gamba engraver
Enipled Napets  - France QUIMPER
Un artiste est une personne qui crée des choses dont les gens n’ont pas besoin…


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